Who is Vikram Jayaprakash

Vikram Jayaprakash UI Designer / Web Designer and full web developer. 3+ Decades of Industry Expertise in Rich Internet, and Internet, GUI, CMS Applications. Performed key role in G & P.

Active interfacing with HTML jQuery, CSS, JavaScript & Display. Code according to W3C standards to satisfy compliance and availability in well. Vikram Jayaprakash is into developing programs and simulations using action-script and display as well.

I love to create a concept from the strategy to reality. Be it business process automation, ecommerce, web-apps, or anything more tame just like a brochure-style site. I, Vikram Jayaprakash am used by many companies around the world to provide top quality web development options to increase prospects and improving businesses.

I’m extremely experienced in complicated WordPress design, and MVC methods and plugin development. As though that wasn’t enough… I blog constantly about business, helpful ideas along with other odds and ends.

If you’re a business in need of a new website, or an agency that requires some freelance digital resource, consider Vikram Jayaprakash for your next project.

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